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Kurta Pyjama – Ethnic & Casual

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Author: Nagma Chatterjee

Kurta pajama is one of the essential sets of clothing in traditional Indian fashion. It is generally worn by boys and men of India. The kurta consists of loose and light comfortable drawstring trousers and a long loose shirt generally till the knee length. Despite the factor that India is becoming a hub for International clothing and more and more of people are opting the Western wear yet clothing like kurta pajama is iconic and comfortable enough and still a hit among the Indian people. Read the rest of this entry »


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Indian Kurta Designs For Men

All sorts of Indian Embroidered Silk Kurta Designs For Men

Kurta Payjama / Kurta Shalwar And Semi Sherwani are well known and hot favorite dresses for Wedding and Parties.These dresses are thought to be ethnic attire all over India. So, honestly speaking, these outfits are traditional dresses now here in India at wedding, Party, Engagement, and Mehandi Rituals. Stunning ensembles are created on raw silk, cot silk, silk jacquard, brocade silk base and coming with very well complimenting stole.

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So here are some of latest wedding dresses for men in India. Read the rest of this entry »


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Indian Wedding Wear Kurta Pajama For Men

Photos for Indian Wedding Wear Kurta Pajama For Men

Fashion evolved with when Human beings started living outside the caves.Day by day, after then, man realized Fashion as one of the basic necessities of life. To look different and attractive, is what everyone would love,in each society all around the World. Every society has its own sets of traditions and culture that affects remarkably their Fashion,as well. Embroidered Kurta Pyjama is now the most fascinating dress for men at Engagement, Mehandi, Wedding, and even at party. Kurta Pajama is considered as the Dress of Asia.

Here we present to you the Latest Indian Wedding Wear Kurta Pajama For Men

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Embroidered kurta Pyjama Designs For Men

Kurta Pyjama or Kurta Salwar is a traditionally worn dress in South Asia, and even seen in European and American Muslim and Asian societies.Now a days, Kurta Payjama is considered the dress of wedding. Various embroidered and casually stitched Kurtas are available.

Here are some of latest Embroidered kurta Pyjama Designs For Men. Read the rest of this entry »


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